From maternity & newborn to toddlers & teens – I’m here for all things family! My high energy level is perfectly suited for working with young children, while my positive attitude & easy going nature puts teens & adults at ease & has them feeling comfortable in front of the camera. I value the art of printmaking & believe your face deserves wall space! In addition to being your photographer, I’m also your gallery designer & print maker. Let’s create gorgeous heirlooms you’ll be excited to see in your home! 

Beautiful portraits & modern wall galleries for fun families

so awesome

"It’s really impossible to express the magnitude of our gratitude & appreciation for your talents in capturing our daughter. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, as your pictures always light my day when I see them around our house."


makes my heart happy

"Thank you Amanda for capturing our kiddos! This picture makes my heart so happy!"


so awesome

"AAAAHHHH!!!! OMG these are so awesome!!! I may end up staring at these until I go to bed!"


We love the pictures and you made the experience so enjoyable.

"It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for capturing our family!”


Thanks so much for all the beautiful photos!

"You never disappoint. Ever."


Couldn't ask for a better person to take such beautiful pictures of my favorite little person.

"On our last photo shoot [my daughter] says, "Are we seeing Amanda today? She is my favorite big person."


Bringing your child into this world is one of the greatest joys in life and deserves to be celebrated! You’ll want to remember feeling your baby’s kicks & how you felt while waiting for your little one to make their arrival. Once earthside, you’ll want to capture your baby’s tiny fingers, sleepy eyes & squishy cheeks, as those moments pass much too quickly. There’s so much going on during the first couple of weeks after a baby is born & just the thought of leaving the house can be exhausting, which is why I come to you! Stay in the comfort of your home while I create gorgeous lifestyle images of your newborn and capture this amazing time in your family's history.

Portrait sessions start at $299 & custom wall gallery design services are included with each session. The most popular product offered is the Baby’s First Year Package which includes 4 portrait sessions, digital images, an heirloom album & more for $2000. 

Your life will be forever changed

Maternity & Newborn Portraits

Custom photography is ultimately about choice, experience, and finding a professional who takes the time to get to know your family and your portrait needs before picking up the camera. Each portrait session is a collaborative one, so you can rest assured your family’s personality will shine! We’ll share our ideas and I’ll bring my creativity to the session so the end result is your home being filled with beautiful and fun portraits that reflect your family’s unique lifestyle.

Portrait sessions start at $299 & custom wall gallery design services are included with each session. The most popular product offered is the triptych wall gallery which includes three framed 20x20 prints for $1100 and complimentary installation in your home.

Life is too short for boring photos

Children & Family Portraits

Images are meant to be displayed in your home for you to enjoy & not just saved to the cloud. A 16x20 print is included with nearly every portrait session to get you started on a wall gallery for your home. Amanda Waltman Photography offers framed prints, mounted prints, standout images, metal prints & canvases.

How do we do this? A personalized website through Swift Galleries will be used to design your wall gallery. All you need to do is email me a photo of the wall where you'd like to display your prints and the design collaboration will begin after your portrait session!
I create custom wall galleries to fit a variety of budgets, with the average client spending approximately $1,500. Not sure what products to order? 

Because your face deserves wall space!

wall galleries



You're going out to eat tonight and you can't wait for the...


Plant-based burger + farm salad

Ramen + sushi rolls



Tulum, for the beaches + ruins!

Africa, it’s my bucket list trip!





results: you are classic!

You gravitate towards the classic things in life & your décor stands the test of time. You like to invest in pieces that are well made & will wear well. You don’t want anything too bold for your walls because you know the fad will quickly fade. Because you’re classic, I would suggest framed prints for your home. I offer 3 beautiful frame styles that come in a wide variety of sizes, both with and without mats. The best part about ordering framed prints is that once I’ve installed them in your home, you’re set for life! I’ll keep record of the frame sizes so that each time you have your photos taken I can order just what you need...I’ll even bring the prints to your home & swap out the old prints for the new ones! 

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results: you are TRENDY!

You’re up to date on what’s in & what’s out. You’re the first of your friends to try new things & to adopt new technologies. Your family knows you have your finger on the pulse so they come to you for suggestions on the hottest restaurants, music & clothing. Because you’re a trend setter, I would suggest metal prints for your home. Metal prints catch everyone’s attention & make for bold statement pieces. Order a large one for your entry way to get guests talking, or order a variety of sizes for a unique & one-of-a-kind wall gallery. I’ll help put together a design that’s sure to stand out, and I’ll even install it for you once your custom metal prints have been created by my lab!  

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results: you are MODERN!

You know what you like, but you aren’t afraid to try new things to see if they live up to the hype. You embrace technology that makes life more convenient, but you also enjoy powering it down so you can be in the moment. You have an affinity for high-quality products, but like mixing in something fun & playful to off-set the seriousness. Because you trend towards the modern, I would suggest standout prints for your home. Standouts have the high quality printing you value, plus they’re incredibly versatile – you can set them on your mantle, display them on an easel, or I can hang them on your wall. They’re thick yet lightweight. They look incredibly beautiful when displayed in a grouping, but they also make quite an impact when displayed solo. Standout prints truly are the best of both worlds! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wall galleries are cool & all, but can I just order digitals only?

Yes you can. Digital images are NOT included in the session fee, but are available for purchase separately. 

What forms of payment do you take?

I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Venmo & Zelle. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Totally! Any order over $700 is eligible for a custom payment plan.

How many pics of my gorgeous family will I see in our proofing gallery?

A minimum of 30 images is included for a full portrait session, with the average being 45-50. Mini sessions include less images, typically around 20.

How long is the portrait session? What if my kids get hangry or totally lose it?

Most sessions last 60-90 minutes. While I will make your family pose for some images, I concentrate on play-based actions & games that have your family interacting with each other to get real smiles & reactions out of both kids & caregivers. This timeframe also allows for snack breaks, comfort snuggles if needed, outfit changes if you have them, some epic dance battles, plus the inevitable tantrum or two.

OMG what do we wear?!?

First & foremost, wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable & confident. When coordinating outfits for your family, I recommend choosing a palette of 3-4 colors & mixing it up with textures &/or patterns. You want a cohesive feel, but without being overly matchy. Don't put your child in something that makes them uncomfortable, no matter how cute it is. It's hard to look happy when what you're wearing makes you upset. I can do a walk-through of your closets with you & help select outfits for everyone. You can check out some visual inspiration on my What to Wear – Families Pinterest board

We want our fur babies to be photographed too! Are you cool with that?

Yes, I love animals! Let me know in the contact form that you’ll be bringing them along so I can give you pet-friendly location suggestions for where we can photograph.

Uggg it’s raining on our photo session day! What do we do?

I’ll keep in touch with you a couple of days prior to your session so we can discuss alternatives if the weather is looking rainy. You have the option to move the session to a location with an undercover area, or we can reschedule to a later date.

Mariah Carey was right: all I want for Christmas is you…and your photo services! Do you offer gift registries or gift cards?

Yes & yes! Custom gift registries are available; message me & I'll set one up for you. Digital gift cards can be purchased HERE -- I promise I won't tell if you buy one for yourself while you're shopping for your friend! ;)

Do you really come to my house & hang the prints I ordered? What do I do while you’re installing everything?

Yes I do! I’ll bring everything needed to hang & install your printed pieces. While I’m working, you can go about your day as normal: take that Zoom call, make lunch, get some gardening done, watch Encanto with your kids for the 10th time…the choice is yours!

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