And you deserve the best all-in-one photo experience, so congrats! You've arrived at the perfect spot in my little corner of the internet! Ready to hear more about portraits, prints & how you can have wall galleries that make other moms jealous? Heck yes you are!

your face deserves wall space!


How it Works

The Portrait Session

I photograph your awesome family & we have an absolute blast!


the wall gallery design

I use photos of your home to show you a variety of custom wall gallery layouts that perfectly fit your walls. You find a gallery design you love, choose your favorite photos from our portrait session, then your images are printed.


the home installation

I hand deliver your finished prints & install your wall gallery. You pop champagne & do a happy dance!

Explore the possibilities of displaying your photos with this Free Gallery Guide

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yes, please!



You're going out to eat tonight and you can't wait for the...


Plant-based burger + farm salad

Ramen + sushi rolls



Tulum, for the beaches + ruins!

Africa, it’s my bucket list trip!





results: you are classic!

You gravitate towards the classic things in life & your décor stands the test of time. You like to invest in pieces that are well made & will wear well. You don’t want anything too bold for your walls because you know the fad will quickly fade. Because you’re classic, I would suggest framed prints for your home. I offer 3 beautiful frame styles that come in a wide variety of sizes, both with and without mats. The best part about ordering framed prints is that once I’ve installed them in your home, you’re set for life! I’ll keep record of the frame sizes so that each time you have your photos taken I can order just what you need...I’ll even bring the prints to your home & swap out the old prints for the new ones! 

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results: you are TRENDY!

You’re up to date on what’s in & what’s out. You’re the first of your friends to try new things & to adopt new technologies. Your family knows you have your finger on the pulse so they come to you for suggestions on the hottest restaurants, music & clothing. Because you’re a trend setter, I would suggest metal prints for your home. Metal prints catch everyone’s attention & make for bold statement pieces. Order a large one for your entry way to get guests talking, or order a variety of sizes for a unique & one-of-a-kind wall gallery. I’ll help put together a design that’s sure to stand out, and I’ll even install it for you once your custom metal prints have been created by my lab!  

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results: you are MODERN!

You know what you like, but you aren’t afraid to try new things to see if they live up to the hype. You embrace technology that makes life more convenient, but you also enjoy powering it down so you can be in the moment. You have an affinity for high-quality products, but like mixing in something fun & playful to off-set the seriousness. Because you trend towards the modern, I would suggest standout prints for your home. Standouts have the high quality printing you value, plus they’re incredibly versatile – you can set them on your mantle, display them on an easel, or I can hang them on your wall. They’re thick yet lightweight. They look incredibly beautiful when displayed in a grouping, but they also make quite an impact when displayed solo. Standout prints truly are the best of both worlds! 

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so awesome

"It’s really impossible to express the magnitude of our gratitude & appreciation for your talents in capturing our daughter. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, as your pictures always light my day when I see them around our house."


makes my heart happy

"Thank you Amanda for capturing our kiddos! This picture makes my heart so happy!"


so awesome

"AAAAHHHH!!!! OMG these are so awesome!!! I may end up staring at these until I go to bed!"


We love the pictures and you made the experience so enjoyable.

"It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for capturing our family!”


Thanks so much for all the beautiful photos!

"You never disappoint. Ever."


Couldn't ask for a better person to take such beautiful pictures of my favorite little person.

"On our last photo shoot [my daughter] says, "Are we seeing Amanda today? She is my favorite big person."


I’m a photographer, print maker & wall gallery designer based in the Pacific Northwest. I have more patience than Mary Poppins, I can coax a smile out of the most stubborn toddler, & I’m here to help you say “peace out!” to your home’s bare walls.

Hi, I’m Amanda!