If you’re looking for a park with a ton of variety, Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island is the ideal location for your portraits. Located about 6 miles east of downtown Seattle, this gorgeous & well maintained park has water views, wooded trails, public docks, plus some really cool concrete remains of a former building […]

Location Spotlight :: Luther Burbank Park, Mercer Island, WA

A family of four is walking together holding hands at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island near Seattle, WA. They're on a gravel path lined with trees and there are orange, yellow & red leaves on the ground.

If you’re looking for a beautiful & serene location for your portraits, Medina Park is a fantastic option. Located about 1.5 miles west of downtown Bellevue, this pet friendly park is bursting with color in the fall, gorgeously green in the spring, & has two ponds that make for stunning backgrounds in the summer. When […]

Location Spotlight :: Medina Park, Medina, WA

A family of five is playing together while standing under a willow tree in front of a pond at Medina Park in Washington state during fall. The youngest daughter is on her dad's shoulders, reaching up to the leaves on the willow tree. The oldest son is cuddling with mom. The middle son is running towards the camera.

If you’re looking for a chill urban vibe for your portraits, look no further than Georgetown. Located about 7 miles south of downtown Seattle, this area is packed full of old brick buildings, colorful graffiti & cool alleyways. When it comes to outfits for Georgetown, I recommend staying away from red, maroon & other reddish […]


Wall art tip: canvases look great in playrooms! They’re a fun way to show off a child’s personality, plus they hide any crayon marks from when your little artist used the walls as their drawing board!  

Wall Art Tip :: The Playroom

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