Discovery Park is easily in my top 3 of favorite locations to photograph in Washington state. Located about 5 miles north of downtown Seattle in the Magnolia neighborhood, this 500+ acre park has *amazing* views of the Puget Sound and over 11 miles of walking trails (translation: we can find a spot where no one […]

Location Spotlight :: Discovery Park, Seattle, WA

A high school senior girl is standing on a beach at sunset during golden hour at Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington. She is wearing a cream colored sweater along with necklaces and rings. Her arms are crossed and her hand is resting on her opposite arm. She is smiling while looking the camera.

If you’re looking for a chill urban vibe for your portraits, look no further than Georgetown. Located about 7 miles south of downtown Seattle, this area is packed full of old brick buildings, colorful graffiti & cool alleyways. When it comes to outfits for Georgetown, I recommend staying away from red, maroon & other reddish […]


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